Multi-CPU Qbus VAXen

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Thu Oct 16 12:11:06 2003

Alex White wrote:
> Well, i'm looking at what's available to me *now* and that's an old
> collector friend of mine with quite a few PDP11 Q18/22 backplanes

I picked up bare Q22 backplanes in case I find out I have Q18's in
some of the cruft I've collected. Like a weird 3 backplane rack box,
each backplane roughly the size of the one from a BA23. And there's
a VT103 (incl. Qbus) that I'm not sure of...

Hopefully your friend has these in some nice BA-series boxes of
some kind.

> [ DSSI clustering ]

To my mind the hardest part is getting the cables for this. I've
been keeping my eyes open here in the States, and only just a short
time ago got two. The seller thought (understandably) they were a
strange type of SCSI cable and listed them as such. Thank goodness
for the pictures on eBay... ;^)

> I haul these things around with me from University flat to
> University flat.

Ooof! I wouldn't want to move "real computers" every three to six

> The girlfriend is happy for my collection to grow - she passed
> me an ebay UK link to a 6200 a few months or so ago and said
> that she'd quite like to have one around *grins*

A woman of such sophistication and refined taste is clearly a
keeper. Make concessions, write a permanent To-Do item for some
flowers, or whatever else is necessary...

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