TinyC, port to HP

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Thu Oct 16 16:28:04 2003

> > > C requires a stack pointer and a index register.Offhand I don't think
> > > your hardware supports that.
Actually.... I happen to have obtained years ago an HP firmware board which
has user written microcode on it specifically for implementing stack
operations. Comes with a 1/2 inch thick set of notes by the person at the
university lab who wrote the code :)

I had forgotten that I had a copy of the book "Hendrix: Small-C"... until I
saw the responses to this thread. So I went running to my favorite bookshelf
where I kept it next to Rheingolds "data structures"... and my small-c book
is gone :( Must have loaned it over the years. Anyone happen to have a spare
copy? I looked at a few used book places online and didn't see it :\

Jay West

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