Xebec Apple II controller

From: Steven N. Hirsch <shirsch_at_adelphia.net>
Date: Thu Oct 16 17:55:25 2003

On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Geoff Reed wrote:

> dug up an apple II that has a Xebec apple II controller init, is this a
> SCSI controller? or is it a SASI host interface that's gonna need an
> external SASI<->ST506 controller on it?

That's a SASI interface and unlikely to work with any actual SCSI-1
device. As you guessed, they were intended to interface with early-80s
vintage "bridge" controllers like the Adaptec ACB4xxx and 5xxx series.

Xebec actually made a SASI hard-drive for the early Sider subsystems, BTW.

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