upcoming classiccmp wierdness

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Fri Oct 17 07:37:46 2003

I finally have carved out a little time to work on the sendmail config for
huey (the classiccmp list server). I know exactly what needs to be done and
there are several ways to do it, I'm not sure which way is best. Hence, I
will be experimenting a bit today and possibly over the week. During that
time, expect some oddity from the list. I'll keep you posted on the

Trivia note - Why did I name the classiccmp list server machine huey? The
first computer I ever used was an HP 2000 TSB system in highschool. It's
name was Huey. I couldn't resist the nostalgia. We also had a PDP-11/03 with
RT-11 & TSX-plus. It was named Dewey. So if classiccmp ever gets split to
another machine, it will be called (you guessed it) Dewey. Three? Well,
Louie of course :)

Jay West

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