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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Oct 17 18:32:59 2003

Jay wrote:
> However, note what THEY say about sendmail... "Moreover, with
> appropriate work, sendmail can be configured to be the fastest and
> highest-volume general-purpose MTA on the planet." This is in the section
> where they compare sendmail to exim, qmail, and postfix. So I'm not the
> only one who believes in sendmail.

I interpret "can be" to mean "theoretically, maybe by Eric Allman".
In my experience, even mortals who have spent years hacking Sendmail
configurations and who are experts at it by any normal person's
criteria still tend to have a lot of trouble with it.

I run qmail on my main mailserver. I think it's mostly OK, but the
license sucks and the code is *very* sparse on comments. It also does
not support delivery status notifications per RFC 3461/3464, or even the
older RFC 1891/1894. And it does not seem to be under active

I run Postfix on my backup mailserver. It was incredibly easy to set
up and has been completely maintenance-free. It is fully RFC 1891/1894

I will probably switch to Postfix for my main mailserver soon, but I
have become dependent on a few details of the way qmail handles local
delivery, so it will be a bit of work. Normally a conversion from
Sendmail to Postfix is really easy.

However, since you're the one that runs the list (thanks!!!), I think
you should run whatever works best for you, even if that is Sendmail.

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