Naming schemes (was upcoming classiccmp wierdness)

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 12:17:04 2003

My NeXT's are named by the model: Nextcube, Nextstation, etc; the Sun's
are named for stars: Tau-ceti, Alpha-centuri, Mizar, etc; the Indigos
have German first names: Hanz, Arnold, Franz, Werner (original owner
names); The later Sgi's are named after where they originated:
Lockheed, Boeing, Nortel, Disney; the Mac's are named for moons: Luna,
Charon, Phobos, Triton, Io, Europa, Titan, etc; the BeBox is named
BeBugs (my 4yo daughter was named it, I guess she didn't hear "box" when
she asked me what it was); the others are named by model number or maker
(C128D, TandySX, TandyHD, IBM-PC).

J.C. Wren wrote:

> Mine are named after sunken subs and ships. Thresher, Titanic, Kursk,
>Lusitania, Scorpion. Of course, they have aliases that I can actually
>remember, too, like 'linux', 'gentoo', 'win32', 'printer', 'imac', 'dell'....
> A friend of mine names his after types of high-speed winds.
> --John

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