help: Brikon Floppy drive tester

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 16:52:23 2003


   I have a couple of Brikon model 723 floppy drive testers made by Brian
Instruments of Fullerton, California. One of the testers that I have has
the "R" option. The "R" option is a feature that includes a bunch of flying
leads tahat you can attach to various test points on the drive under test
and measure various analog parameters. It's shown in the factory brochure
and it appears to be a ribbon cable with a small blue box on it and about 8
or 10 individual leads coming out of the box. The leads appear to have
banana plugs on them where they plug into the box and the other ends have
grabber clips on them. Does anyone have one of these cable/pods? If so can
you send me the pin out so that I can make one or can I borrow it long
enough to make schematics of it?

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