ASR33 Teletype interfacing

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sun Oct 19 14:11:21 2003

Tony wrote:
> To avod further confusion, ASR33s are ASCII machines (the Model 32 is the
> baudot equivalent). You don't need any code conversion for the ASR33.

You need at least a little bit of code conversion if you're using a model
33 with the standard type element with equipment that uses modern character
sets, as the model 33 uses the 1963 ASCII standard (ANSI X3.4-1963) rather
than the later versions of X3.4 or the current ANSI INCITS 4-1986.
For instance, the modern caret (ASCII 0x5e, Unicode 0x005e) and underscore
(ASCII 0x5f, Unicode 0x005f) characters are not available on the model 33.
And the model 33's up arrow and back arrow characters, 0x5e and 0x5f, should
be translated to Unicode 0x2191 and 0x2190, respectively. I don't recall
whether the model 33 escape key sends the X3.4-1963 escape code, 0x7e,
or the modern escape code, 0x1b. In modern ASCII and most ASCII-derived
character sets, 0x7e is the tilde character.
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