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Date: Sun Oct 19 18:54:29 2003

Hey guys,

I am 'new' to the list under this address. I have posted several times about CDC items I have available, and thank you to those who have expressed interest. I do not wish this to come off as a blatant advertisement, but it probabaly will. If any of you out there are looking to 'decorate' your offices or hobby spaces, keep on reading.

One of my other hobbies is sports memorabilia and I have something that I developed for my own use in displaying my collection. Being that there has been talk about manuals, old computer magazines, and the like, I thought some of you might be interested in what I am 'selling' to display your ietms.

I actually have them listed on eBay, but I can give a better price to those on the list that contact me directly.

I have been a collector of magzines for almost 10 years and have been looking since I started for an attractive way to display my collection. In conjunction with a local custom acrylic fabricator, I came up with the following...

The holders are made from a combination of 1/8" and 3/16" crystal clear
anti-static (anti-dust!) acrylic and can be made to either 'hang' on the
wall or 'stand' on a shelf/desktop. They are made from 2 pieces. Imagine
one of the pieces is like a shoebox lid. The second piece is the 'back' of
the holders slides in and out along a routed edge that is on 3 of the sides of the 'front',

You access the box which holds the magazine by sliding the back out. The
genius of this design is that it completely seals it inside for protection.

They come in various sizes, as well as two 'flavors', hanging or

If you go to the listing on eBay, you will see a picture of the 'standing' kinds. I have pictures of my magazine collection using the 'hanging' type available as well.

Feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Joel Bradley
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