Recommendations for archiving audio tapes

From: John A. Dundas III <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 10:10:35 2003

I have a number of old DECUS U.S. Symposium audio tapes that I would
like to archive before they completely disintegrate. I have a way to
digitize these and store them in a variety of formats. I'm not sure
what format is best for archive and distribution, though I assume
something like WAV or AIFF for archive and MP3 for distribution. I
have no prior experience at this and would appreciate any suggestions
on the best approach.

Also suggestions on who to contact to make these archives legally
available on the web would be welcome.

Is anyone else archiving these?

As a teaser, here's what I have:

1987 Fall:
N008 Understanding Ethernet
N037 Cryptographic Security for Ethernet
DA054 Optimizing VMS device Drivers for Realtime I/O
V104 Tape 1 VAX Magic, War Stories, and Horror Tales
V104 Tape 2

1988 Fall:
PC031 Internal Enhancements to AppleTalk for VMS
NE050 An Introduction to the Digital's Distributed Name Service (DNS)
GR054 Renderman: A 3D Scene Description Interface for Computer
Graphics System
GR033F Computer Graphic and Visualization


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