Teledisk software to duplicate license floppy disk

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 12:44:09 2003

        I don't, Zhu, I'm sorry. However, please don't rule out the possibility of the OS or floppy drive being at fault.

        Teledisk should, ideally, be run under a strict DOS 6.22 environment, as that is what it was written to support. I've found, through direct experience, that it will run in a command window under Windows NT 4.0, but you may have different results.

        The other possibility is that the disk you're trying to archive has a format scheme that is so alien to PC-type floppy controllers that it simply cannot be read.

        Perhaps someone more experienced with floppy archiving than I am can comment on this.

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On 20-Oct-03 at 14:47 Zhu Jin Yong wrote:

> Just searched yahoo and found your email about teledisk tools.I also
>encounted the same problems with errors such as "Drive A: is not ready.
>Please correct and press any key to continue" especially when floppy
>disk is running at final way. I just took out of this disk but this disk
>can be nomally used even it got errors in process of td0 file creation.
> But recently,I got a problem using teledisk.Teledisk can't
>colon(duplicate) Some authorization disk such as Siemens Simatic Step 7
>V5.1 SP4 authorization disk into *.td0 file with "Drive A: is not
>ready" erors at starting up.Do you know any other software could copy
>this authorization disk so that I don't warry about my authorization
>disk crash?
> Thanks,

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