Recommendations for archiving audio tapes

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 18:28:07 2003

At 07:08 PM 20/10/2003, you wrote:

>These are the kind of tapes that I love to collect and compile. If they
>haven't already been archived by the ACM then folks like us certainly need
>to do so.
>I have a lot of old audio and video tapes (and other media) waiting to be
>archived as soon as I get to that particular point in my overall project.
>I have a couple hundred videos (in VHS and 3/4" format), hundreds of
>slides, and a few dozen audio tapes (so far). I also have a fair number
>of photographs, but I'm definitely lacking in that department (the
>Computer History Museum has thousands).
>Notwithstanding copyright issues, I plan to make copies available for
>research, just as I do with the other stuff in my archive.
>Don't expect anything anytime soon, however. There's still a lot of work
>to do. But it is being done.
>Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer Festival

         Hi, Sellam:

         You had better watch those 3/4" tapes, they seem to want to self
destruct after about twelve or fifteen years.


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