How do _you_ move equipment? What "tools" do you use?

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 11:20:00 2003

   This reminds me. About 15 years ago I bought a lathe with everything
that I could want, 12" x 18" bed, 1 7/8" bore trough the spindle, english
and metric feed, etc. This thing was MASSIVE! Everyting was made of cast
iron; the bed, the pedestal, even the chip tray on it was made from cast
iron. I don't know the exact weight but we guesstimated 3000 pounds! It
bent a 1500 pound engine hoist like a pretzel. When I got it home I called
a nearby place that had a wrecker that could pick up the tractor units from
semi tractor trailers. It had a hydraulic powered long T-shaped boom the
could be extended a long way and was rated to pick up 15,000 pounds or
something like that. We brought the lathe in on a flat bed cad trailer and
parked it in the road in front of the house. We then put a sling around the
lathe and hooked it to the boom. They picked it up like it was nothing!
They then backed it around the house and got it close to the building where
I wanted it, then extended the boom and set the lathe right at the end of
the building. (How I actually got it IN the building is another story!) The
whole operation only took about five minutes and they only charged about
$20. (I did give the driver a generous tip!) It was WELL worth it!


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