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From: Wayne M. Smith <wmsmith_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Oct 22 00:50:08 2003

> On 22 Oct 2003, R. D. Davis wrote:
> > Such activities as the aforementioned are certainly far more noble
> > than just getting PCs from 1997 or so upgraded with new hardware so
> > that they can run new software.
> It's just the way journalism works these days. Quick sound
> bytes and articles of little substance that just point and
> say, "Look at how abnormal this is" are the order of the day.
> Truth be told, I don't even remember being interviewed for
> that article, though it certainly seems like I was.
> At any rate, the positive aspect is that if the article does
> reach folks who share the passion but are not privvy to the
> Festival or the CC list, then now they know, and they can find us.
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> Sellam Ismail Vintage
> Computer Festival

Warts and all, it's about as good as could be expected. As Sellam
implies, all publicity is good publicity, unless it's news of your
untimely passing.
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