How do _you_ move equipment? What "tools" do you use?

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 01:23:35 2003

Perhaps competition of pushing the iron racks up steep inclines.....
Lombard street should work well as test area. pretty scary incline...

also one that was always my favorite was the hp 2100 restuffing
contest.... we used to do this at Computer Exchange Inc.. when we had too
much time on our hands.... you take all the cards out, place them in a
wicker basket mix them up and when you hear start... you begin
reassembly... if you want to liven it up you have 4 people play and all
the cards go into one batch.... really messy with 4 people trying to elbow
in to snatch cards.... and yes... the processor has to run when you are
done! no broken parts allowed!

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> > On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Ian Primus wrote:
> >
> > > Well, I wasn't _intending_ to do that... I had two friends
> > helping me,
> > > and we were slowly working it down, when one person tripped and the
> > > other one couldn't hold on, I just happened to pretty close to in
> > > front of it at the time, and ended up directly in front of
> > it, pushing
> > > against it to slow it down. Everything worked out fine, but
> > next time
> > > I try to move something like that, I am going to talk more friends
> > > into helping me. Maybe if I bribe them with pizza...
> >
> > Yeah, get some friends with more athletic skills as well ;)
> >
> Sellam, this sounds like something you might want to consider for the
> next VCF. Sure, the retrocode challenge is interesting, but a
> "stop-the-runaway-rack-of-heavy-iron" competition would bring down the
> house.
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