Digital software, books and misc hardware clearout :(

From: Witchy <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 10:45:15 2003

Hi folks,

Continued redundancy is forcing me to start sorting and selling most of my
rather considerable DEC CD collection that goes back to almost the beginning
of the CDDS service in the early 1990s and features VAX/VMS, Alpha VMS,
Ultrix VAX, Ultrix MIPS and OSF/1 stroke DEC Unix software product CDs.
They're all complete sets, and rather than bung 'em on epay I'll give you
all the chance to have first go. This is just a toe-in-the-water bijou
list-ette to gauge interest. I've also listed my spare hardware.

There are 2 ways to do this I think, either I give you all a week to mail me
off-list with your offers and best one gets it or I stick it all on the
Vintage Computer Marketplace. Let me know if you need pictures of any of it.

I'll ship anywhere as long as you pay for it :o)

A brief list of CDs:

OpenVMS Alpha V6.2 in blue distro box with manuals, never been used
OpenVMS VAX V7.0 in blue distro box etc
OpenVMS Alpha V7.0 in blue distro box etc (complete with firmware CD)
DEC OSF/1 Layered Product set December '94 (nearly on topic :o)
OpenVMS CDDS March 1995, 2 boxes containing 12 product CDs and 4
documentation CDs

(many many many more CDDS box sets are there somewhere, like 20 or 30+)

Books (all Digital Press):

Terminals and Printers handbook 1983-84
Microcomputer Processors 1978-79
Microcomputer Interfaces handbook 1980
Processor Handbook PDP 11/04/24/34a/44/70 1981 (2 off)
PDP-11 Micro PDP-11 handbook 1983-84
PDP-11 Microcomputer Interfaces handbook 1983-1984
Microcomputer Products Handbook 1985
Terminals and Communications handbook 1981-82
Microcomputers and Memories 1982
Introduction to Local Area Networks 1982

Misc hardware/software:

Unopened DECnet/SNA ST Gateway software pack QA-S01AA-H5 (2 off)
Unused DNSES Synchronous comms board for AXP 3000 series, EISA.
Alphastation 600 motherboard and CPU
MicroVAX 3100-40 motherboard
Alpha 3000-400 motherboard and CPU
MicroVAX 3100 model 40 and 80 memory SIMMs
Alpha 3000-400 complete with (I think) 64mb memory, PMAGB graphics.
VAXstation 3100 M48, unknown condition for now.
MicroVAX 2000, slight case damage
A stack of QBUS cards for VAX/PDP, all untested.

Obviously the latter 3 are rather heavy :)

Let me know!


adrian/witchy - the online computer museum - ex-monthly gothic shenanigans :o(
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