HP3000 users have a "wake" on Oct 31 2003

From: Thomas Dzubin <dzubint_at_vcn.bc.ca>
Date: Wed Oct 22 11:46:36 2003

Story web page:

"Many tears were shed when HP announced that the e3000 would
meet its maker at the end of this month. But loyal fans of the
product will meet on Oct. 31 at bars and restaurants around the
globe to put down several cold ones and discuss their good times
with the server. Take a trip over the HP wake Web site to see your
nearest venue."
"Introduced in 1972, the HP 3000 was loved and adored as being
one of the most solid systems around. Running the MPE operating
system, HP 3000s chugged along for three decades, but in 2001
HP said it would stop sales and end support for the product in 2006."

The "HP 3000 Wake web site" is listed as
(I hate URLs with IP numbers)

"For those who want to reminisce about the good old before getting blotto,
there is a nice history of the HP 3000 "
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