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From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Wed Oct 22 15:24:19 2003

    Re: Being 'published'.

  IN previous lives, I have been interviewed dozens of times for print
and video media. not once - NOT ONE TIME - has the entire article been
100% factual and/or accurate. They *always* have gotten something wrong,
misquoted, fucked up - whatever.

  A good example is when I moved to India to work in the film business
there. The Hindu - the largest-circulation paper in the country - like
the NY Times or Times of London - came to talk to me about MGM and my own
studio. They wanted pictures, which I had several of. By mistake, a shot
of my PDP11 collection was in there too, and the reporter and photog were
marvelling at what Yanks decorate their living rooms with. ;}

  Well, they ran the story about my studio, and of course, printed the pic
of my racks of PDP11s. (I didn't know they even had it, nor did I get it

  I got email and phone calls for six months after that, mostly from
professionals wanting to know A) what kind of audio gear was all that, or
B) Just what kind of fools do you take us for - that's not a bloody Studio
- I still have the article that I clipped - it's much the same picture
(from a different angle) as the one in Christine Finn's book.


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