Can anyone ID this Digital board?

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 17:16:51 2003

There is a way of booting the normal infoserver image on
a MicroVAX 3100. I just don't happen to remember it and
noone else has piped up with the details. It's pretty
simple, just set the boot flags to the correct magic
value and off you go. There was talk of removing this
ability from the software if word ever got out, but I
don't think that ever happened. I'm surprised that
noone has ever dug around and released this magic,
especially now that the Infoserver is no longer

Swapping the ROMs on a KA41 will almost certainly
be enough to make it work with no magic required.
I'm reasonably sure that the initial Infoserver
was basically a KA41-A with possibly some
unnecessary bits removed. They may even have used
culled chips (e.g. floating point not needed, so
don't reject those chips, just put them in the
InfoServer line ... it may even have been just
don't fit the separate FPU, I don't remember
how things were arranged in the CVAX days).

Antonio Carlini    
Received on Wed Oct 22 2003 - 17:16:51 BST

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