Help request: Impact printer by the digital group

From: Bryan Blackburn <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 18:36:44 2003

Hi all,

I am in the process of restoring a 96 column impact printer sold by the
digital group around 1977. (See my progress at:

The first question I have is about the print head: Does anyone have any
idea what, if anything, is the proper lubricant for a print head? What
little lubricant I found on the heads felt like it might be a silicone
grease of some kind. I have no idea if this was original lubricant or
not. Labels I have found on other printers warn against oiling the print
head, stating that the heads are lifetime oiled at time of manufacture.

Next, I wonder if anyone on the list might have any information on the
printer itself, which appears to have been manufactured by Practical
Automation Inc., of Shelton Conn., or on the digital group electronics.

Any ideas?

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