Help request: Impact printer by the digital group

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 15:15:23 2003

At 08:14 PM 10/23/03 +0100, you wrote:
>> I've had great luck using liquid graphite lock lubricant. The solvent
>> evaporates and leaves only the graphite. The graphite particles in the
>Have you tried 'dry film lubricant'

   No, I haven't but I should. It would probably work as well. I just don't
like the dry powdered graphite. It's a joke as far as I'm concerned.

(or at least that's what it's called
>over here, Electrolube (used to?) make it). It's similar, but with fine
>PTFE particles. The carrier evapourates (it's not really a solvent,
>neither for graphite or PTFE), and leaves PTFE on the surface. Like the
>'liquid graphite', the result is non-sticky, doesn't attract dust, and
>seems to be good for many light machine parts.
>> >If you need to, use tungsten wire for the print
>> >hammer pins themselves. Also replacements would
>> >not rust.
>> If you can't find the right size wire, try piano wire (from a hobby
>> shop) or drill rod (industrial suppliers). Drill rod is annealed (soft) but
>I beleive the original pins were tungsten wire in some printheads. The
>stuff certainly behaves like tungsten...

   I wouldn't be surprised. Tungstan has a lot of properties that would
make it usefull in print heads; very hard so less wear, heavy weight for
inertia, and it withstands high tempertures well. But I'll be the
manufacturers hate it, it's hard to machine and expensive.


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