Token Ring JetDirect

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 20:53:29 2003

I know some of you use Token Ring, so I'm offering this here before it
gets tossed.

I have an HP JetDirect Token Ring MIO. Its a J2373 card. This is an
internal JetDirect card for HP printers. I'm not sure which printers are
supported by it, but I'm sure a quick look on HPs site will reveal that
to anyone that cares.

The card has a single DE-9 Female connector on it.

Its untested as I've never had a token ring network, but it came along
with a rather large box of token ring cards I aquired, and some of you
have gotten those cards, and no one has complained that they didn't work
(save for one person, but that was because I did a crappy job in packing
them and a few of the crate load were damaged in shipping).

Just cover postage and its yours.

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