Dealing with the Press

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 21:42:38 2003

>Mike wrote:

> The local paper has asked for an interview about my collection.
> They're asking the usual why and how much is it worth.

Jerome Fine replies:

Since I am an RT-11 addict, there is a bit of a bias
that I have. In addition, you don't seem to have even
one PDP-11.

If you are interested, it would be possible to rectify
that aspect.

> Any words of caution when dealing with the press?
> Anything that I should make a point to emphasize?
> mike
> Ottawa, Canada
> Collector of vintage computers

>From what I have heard, the press usually (almost always)
get something wrong. I don't know if they would be willing
to allow you to check what they write for accuracy, but
it might be worth a try.

In addition, they will often dumb down what they are told
since the average person out there does not even know
what a non-WinTel system is, let alone that any exist!

More suggestions will probably be coming your way!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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