OT: Retro-Tech from TV: Thunderbirds

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Oct 24 11:20:36 2003

>To the members of the list that are my age and don't have
>time to waste surfing websites and lists for Gerry Anderson's
>'Thunderbirds'. Well they made the film! I figure there's
>maybe five of you out there that care but don't know.

The Thunderbirds is another shining example of TV that amazes me that I
used to love. Heck I had a bunch of toys from that show (I think it was
Matchbox that put out a line of "cars" from the show)

Although nothing has yet to beat the Smurfs... I watched an episode of
that the other day on Cartoon Network, and I'm convinced that my parents
used to feed me crack... that's the only explanation I can come up with
as to why I used to wake up early on a Saturday morning and excitedly
watch those little blue idiots!

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