A real PDP-8 that you can hang on your wall!

From: Bob Armstrong <bob_at_jfcl.com>
Date: Sat Oct 25 14:08:57 2003

>Your front panel is neat, the whole thing is neat. So, how about connecting
>the front panel to my PDP8/A Omnibus? Does your PDP-8 have an Omnibus at
>all or did you invent a completely different bus or no bus at all?

  Electrically speaking the front panel is not anything like a PDP-8 front
panel; probably the most practical way to connect it to a PDP-8/A would
be to design a new circuit board and just keep the front panel plastic
that I've made. You can buy the front panel plastic alone if you want to
undertake such a project.

  The SBC6120 does have an expansion bus, but it's not OMNIBUS. A SBC6120
to OMNIBUS interface is possible, but it would take a little work. It's
all open source, though, so feel free!

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