upcoming classiccmp wierdness

From: Christopher Cureau <chrisc_at_addpower.com>
Date: Mon Oct 20 11:46:02 2003

My boxes have borrowed their names from Bloom County...there's opus and
bill connected to the network, and milo (my vax) which is currently not
connected to anything besides my terminal emulation program.

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> And of course there should be an "Uncle Donald" around there somewhere :
Well, seeing as we're on the subject of machine names, I've been using star
names, constellations and Zodiac signs - Polaris, Arcturus, Vega, Rigel,
Coriolis and Aquarius have all been used so far. The laptops are named
Star Trek movies and series - Nemesis and Voyager.
As for the machines that sit there doing nothing 99% of the time? IJSH and
IJST. Guess what IJST and IJSH mean :)

I'd be interested to find out what network names/nicknames some other
classiccmpers have given their machines.

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