Software for Data I/O 29a

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Oct 27 17:07:38 2003

Hi, Lance,

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On 26-Oct-03 at 01:27 Axel L?rchner wrote:

>Hi Lance,
>I came across your name while searching the web for Data I/O 29a. I have
>had such a unit for several years, but have been unable to locate the
>software to drive it. It seems to me that it is a DOS application. Would
>you have the software available?

        The 29A does not depend on any sort of external software. Like its later successor, the 29B, it is fully operable by its on-board keypad. The only thing you'd use the serial port for is to transfer files to and from the unit. To know how to do that, your best bet is to track down a technical manual on the 29 series, because Data I/O used their own custom handshaking and protocol.

        The only programmers from Data I/O that have a built-in menuing system, for use with a 'dumb' terminal or PC, were the UniSite, 2900, 3900, and other such units that did not have a keypad. Some, such as the 'ChipLab,' require special software running under a DOS or Windows environment.

        Good luck.

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