Fastest Drum printer

From: Lancashire, Pete <>
Date: Mon Oct 27 10:50:58 2003

Last night got into a good old days conversion about printers.

I'm trying to find out what was the fastest drum printer.

My belief is it was a model made by Burroughs where in times
long ago i had a great time, ah still can remember knowing
the status of a job by the squeal of the 5500's power supplies,
sorry i slipped into memory.

If I remember there was a printer, that in 1975 was considered
old, but it was either 1,100 or 1,400 LPM with at Uppercase drum.
I also remember the printer controller being about the same
size as the printer.

Character registration sucked, but if all you wanted was a
something that would get trashed, it sure was quick. If you wanted
quality output there was a new chain/train printer that was
as good if not better then the 1403.

Anyone can help ?

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