How about a PDP-10? (RE: A real PDP-8 that you can hang on your w

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Oct 27 21:03:58 2003

> Any chance you guys might try do this for a PDP-10? ;-) A KA10 front
> panel would be a bit bigger, but would provide plenty of
> room for the more complex emulator circuitry...
> And yes, I know there are software-based '10 emulators, but for
> some reason I can't explain, I've always desired a hardware-based
> 10 emulator (like the XKL, only affordable).

Unfortunalty the PDP-10 side of such things seems to be rather dead. Two
people were working on an FPGA implementation. David G. Conroy got ITS to
boot on the one he was building about a year ago, that's the last I've heard
on his project. Neil Franklin doesn't appear to have worked on his in about
four months

Your best bet for a tiny PDP-10 is a Mini-ITX based system running KLH10.
Unfortunatly I don't know if there is anyway to interface a front panel.

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