How do _you_ move equipment? What "tools" do you use?

From: Bill Allen Jr <>
Date: Mon Oct 27 22:26:06 2003

Sounds like you are trying to move an sys/34?

i tried a uhaul truck in the past, only to find that
the metal ramp is just wide enough
 to allow the casters to lock on the the sides of the

also ibm casters only move when they want and thier
direction of travel
 is never the way you want them to go.

what works for me? lumber in the form of 8 foot 4 by 6
cant's, a good chain fall
and a trailer that has the wheels on eather side of it
- not under it (keeps the weight
 of the load from allowing the trailer bottom deck to
set down on top of the tires)

the bridgeport page is the best example of this type
of move.

the chain falls? i use a second chain that is looped
 two casters and 2x4's as levers if needed - my wooden
trailer has a 3 inch hole
in the back which allows a chain to pass through it on
it's way to the tongue
which is then wrapped around it - the chain falls go
on the trailer side of the chain
to pull the heavy metal on the ramps and into the

a forklift is the best way to load/unload heavy ibm
metal from the trailer, if
 the forks are long enough or one picks up tje machine
by the power supply end -
ditto for all the sys3x series.


Message: 4
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 11:56:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: How do _you_ move equipment? What "tools"
do you use?
To: JP Hindin <>

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, JP Hindin wrote:

> I am faced with picking up a sizeable IBM some hours
from where I
> in the next few weeks. What I had originally planned
to do has fallen
> through, and now I am left trying to work out how
best to lift what
> been estimated as 800+lbs of 1978 IBM.

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