Digital BA363 Personal Storage Shelf

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 01:04:01 2003

David Comley wrote:
> before I give up
> on it is there anything unusual about the SCSI
> interface on these devices ? None of the disks
> responded to a SCSI probe.

Nothing unusual about the outside of it. Normal old
fashioned SCSI.

I've got a couple of the BA353's, which are fast narrow
and have HD50 connectors. Big flat thing with three bays
side by side, the rightmost one of which can take a 5.25"

Is what you've got a BA353, or is the BA363 different,
like maybe a wide SCSI bus? I don't know the model for
the PC mid-tower sized desktop units with room for a
couple drives...

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