at&t 6310

From: Luc Vande Velde <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 01:38:59 2003

Do you know their european model number? They were sold as Olivetti M2x over
For the M24 and M28 I might have all you're looking for...



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[]Namens James R. Carter
Verzonden: dinsdag 21 oktober 2003 17:25
Onderwerp: at&t 6310

        I've been trying for weeks to obtain some basic information about an
AT&T 6310 personal computer I'm trying to restore. You seem to have
one! All I need to know is what the following original parts were:

        hard drive
        drive controller card
        floppy drives (make, model, and face color)

        Any help you may be able to offer would be _greatly_ appreciated. It's
amazing how little information or support there is for AT&T/Olivetti
computers on the web or from AT&T, Olivetti, or NCR.

Thanks much,
Jim Carter
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