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From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 10:31:58 2003

At 02:09 AM 10/28/03 -0500, Patrick wrote:
>Joe declared on Monday 27 October 2003 08:25 pm:
>> No, it's happening constantly. Some days 80% of the messages are crap
>> from people that found an OLD message and are looking for something for
>> free.
>> Joe
>> At 06:32 PM 10/27/03 +0100, you wrote:
>> >Hiyall,
>> >
>> >Is it me, or does this *often* happen right after the weekend?
>> >
>> >--f
>Do you not realize that Jay is probably moderating these onto the list, so
>that someone might see them and help the person out?

  Yes, And your point is?

I doubt these
>people are so clueless that they're going through the trouble to sign up
>to the list, and post a message that sounds like they think they're
>talking to just one person.'

   Your're completely wrong here. First, they DON'T sign up to the list.
Second, most of them obviously think they're talking to one person and have
no clue that they're talking to a list of 500+. All you have to do to
determine that is to read the messages.

>Remember, the list is here to try to HELP people with classic computer
>stuff, which includes giving/selling stuff to people that need/want it.
>It annoys the hell out of me everytime I see this topic pop up, after Jay
>has already explained what's going on.

  And it annoys me to have to wade through piles of messages from clueless
people asking for or about things that happened so long ago that I don't
even remember what the conversation was about or who posted it. on top of
that, I've tried helping a number of them and 99% of them never have the
courtesy to reply. One batch of CC list messages that I got this weekend
had nine messages in it and SEVEN of them were this type messages. Frankly
I get tired of the "I see you have an Altair. I'll take it if it's free and
you're willing to pay the shipping and guarantee that it works." type

>I'm sorry for the rant, but seeing this topic come up week after week
>really gets old.

   No more tiring than having to wade through endless piles of these
messages everyday! If these people are seriously interested in classic
computers then they should join the list and post their questions
accordingly. This stuff of them just throwing out of date and irrelevent
messages out on the list is for the birds!

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