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From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 11:42:58 2003

I had written....
> >> Also - this bears repeating... do *NOT* subscribe to both lists!
to which Mouse replied...

> >...why not? I'd rather get two copies of stuff sent to both than no
> >copies of stuff sent to the oen I'm not on; that's why I subscribed to
> >both.

GRRRRRRRRR I'm gonna have an anurism.

What you want to do is subscribe both email addresses to ONE list, and in
your case, don't set the 'no-email' flag on one of them.

Again, do NOT subscribe to BOTH lists. I'll put something in to "dedupe" the
lists, so you CANT subscribe to both. If someone wants to subscribe to both
lists, then they just don't get how it works, there's no reason to.

Jay West

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