Tandy 1000 HX Problem

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Date: Tue Oct 28 12:18:09 2003

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> I was never thrilled with either the HX or the EX. I've owned a ton of
> the A/SX/TX/HD versions. The low profile cases were just too
> restrictive on upgrades for my taste.

For a normal computer I agree with you, but the HX reminded me of the all in
one amiga 500/1200 series which I own and like. I really only got the unit
to check out a few games that made use of the special tandy/pc jr audio and
video modes. The HX takes up alot less space then the 8086/88 era full blown
desktops. The CM-11 monitor I have for the unit isnt bad for being a CGA
monitor. Most of the games I will use on this system will be floppy based
anyway so having dual 720k 3.5" drives is a plus on storage for me , but
also a pain when i have 360K original disks and no 5.25 drive. So while I
probably wont go crazy looking for a HD controller for the HX , an external
5.25" drive is something I will be looking for.

How did the full size 1000's compare to the IBM's of the time period anyway?
My first IBM compatible was a new 286/12 packard bell with their crappy high
dot pitch vga monitors.
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