DEC InfoServer vs. VAX 3100 [results]

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 13:59:12 2003


> OK, here are the results of the Dutch jury :)
> We grabbed:
> - one InfoServer 150VXT
> - one VAXserver 3100 (low-profile model)
> ...
> So there. YES, IT WORKS.
> Phase II now continues: will this also work on a VAXstation
> 3100, i.e., the other mainboard?
> Watch this channel for more updates...

And the answer to that one: it looks like it is working. We can
do the install and all that, but as soon as ESS takes over, we
can no longer see anything ;-)

Turns out that like with the VAXserver boxes, ESS blindly switches
to port #0 for console. And on the VAXstations, this happens to
be the Keyboard port.

So.. heh. I'll have to find the pinouts of that port, and then
make a temp. serial console cable that way, just to see if ESS is
working on the VAXstation. But, all "sounds" were as expected,
so it works, at least to a certain point...

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