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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 15:26:36 2003

On Oct 28, 9:56, der Mouse wrote:
> > Also - this bears repeating... do *NOT* subscribe to both lists!
> ...why not? I'd rather get two copies of stuff sent to both than no
> copies of stuff sent to the oen I'm not on; that's why I subscribed
> both.

Because it's not two lists. It's two views of the same list --
everything posted to cctech is automatically seen by cctalk; everything
*on topic* posted to cctalk is also seen by cctech. In other language,
cctech is a proper subset of cctalk (and cctalk is a superset of
cctech). Therefore, if you subscribe to cctalk, you see everything,
and your posts go to cctech if they're relevant; if you subscribe to
cctech, you only see part of the list traffic, but everything you post
is seen by every subscriber.

What's worst is posting to both; then *everyone* gets two copies of
what you post.

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