Digital BA363 Personal Storage Shelf

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 22:29:53 2003

> There is nothing special about this box. It is a standard SCSI
> (narrow, fast _at_ 10MHz) bus cabinet, with space for 2 Digital
> SBB's (storage building blocks) at 3.5" and one slot for either
> another SBB, or a 5.25" device SBB, like a CD drive or a tape.
> SCSI ID's can be set on the back.
> I have a few of those, loaded with RZ28's (mostly), and they
> work fine. *DO* remember though, that it they have a narrow
> bus, so you can only use -VA SBB's; the -VW might work, but
> don't always seem to.

These are the the sort of pizza box type things, right? ISTR that you're
not supposed to run 7200RPM drives in these due to heat problems. I know I
wouldn't want to run one in there very long.

IIRC, I finally got mine to work on a VAXstation 4000 a while back, but
haven't had time to do anything more with it. Personally I prefer a BA350
or BA356 shelf.

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