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Date: Wed Oct 29 00:07:05 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, evan wrote:

> It really saddens me to see so much negativity about
> how the press can only get it wrong, look for the bad
> news, or generally miss the point. I suppose that

Hi Evan.

While I understand your reaction to the negative comments being put forth
about reporters in general, I will say that there is definitely a basis
for the negativity. Most of the many times I've been interviewed, the
article came out in a way that made me embarassed to have been quoted or
to have been the subject.

Now, I realize your message was reactionary, but you should realize that
you are one of the most impressive reporters and researchers I have ever
known (and you know I've told you this many times before). You are really
the exception to the norm (unfortunately). You are probably very lucky
to work with the team that you do. You are most likely insulated from
the schlock reporting that takes place.

So anyway, don't take it as an affront. If you want, I'll even point out
all the (many) inaccuracies in the various stories I've presented in the
Press section of the VCF website:

...then you'll know of what we speak ;)

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