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In that case, would you have a switch for an older AT power supply that has
all 4 bayonettes pointing directly aft, instead of at 90 degrees to the

                                      ___ ___
                                  --|___|:: --|___|
                                                                        : :
                                  Needed config Normal config


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On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, jim wrote:

> > And if you don't have the time or energy to watch eBay then they
> > don't care either way. eBay has a search tool.
> that sucks. it only searchs for full word matches and literal matches.
> I think that items that are rare (that is subjective) should be posted
> here, especially if in the poster's opinion, the rest of the list may
> not find it.

Or use the Vintage Computer Marketplace since it's superior to eBay in too
many ways to mention and is also tailored specifically for computer

Spread the word. Tell all the people you buy vintage stuff from on eBay
to use the VCM instead.

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