hmm... new batch of search engine mailers :)

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 07:51:59 2003

At 12:02 PM 10/28/03 -0800, Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
>>From: Joe <>
>>>Remember, the list is here to try to HELP people with classic computer
>>>stuff, which includes giving/selling stuff to people that need/want it.
>>>It annoys the hell out of me everytime I see this topic pop up, after Jay
>>>has already explained what's going on.
>> And it annoys me to have to wade through piles of messages from clueless
>>people asking for or about things that happened so long ago that I don't
>>even remember what the conversation was about or who posted it. on top of
>>that, I've tried helping a number of them and 99% of them never have the
>>courtesy to reply. One batch of CC list messages that I got this weekend
>>had nine messages in it and SEVEN of them were this type messages. Frankly
>>I get tired of the "I see you have an Altair. I'll take it if it's free and
>>you're willing to pay the shipping and guarantee that it works." type
> The problem seems to be that there is some ulterior motive
>for these post. The fact that none reply indicates that these
>people are after something other than help from list members.
>What that is, I don't know. I have stopped replying to these
>until I know what they are up to.
> It could be some form of address gathering but the messages
>indicate that they took some time to compose the message
>( although the content tends to lack knowledge of the subject ).
>It is possible that there is some kind of AI application
>harvesting addresses from replies. The messages have just
>enough similarity to let me believe this might be true.

   Excellent point! I wonder if there's a easy way to check out their
address before replying to it. Anyone know?

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