HP 262x terminal help sought

From: Bill McDermith <bill_mcdermith_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Oct 29 13:18:34 2003

The older HP scope tubes (and, in fact, all the ones for scopes up to the
digital models, as well as the electrostatic deflection graphics displays)
were made in the tube shop at HP in Colorado Springs, so the tube
construction process was different, as HP made them internally
(HP was known for quality construction at that time...)

If I recall correctly, HP bought the magnetic deflection
displays for terminals from a 3rd party... Probably got them all
(Calculator displays 9835/9845 and 264x terminal displays) from
the same company, though they were made by different divisions...


"it" below refers to mold between the safety glass shield and the tube

Joe wrote:

> ...snip...snip...snip...
>FWIW I have HP scopes that date to the late '60s and early '70s
>but I've never seen it on them.
> Joe
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