hmm... new batch of search engine mailers :) AND Re: RFQ Fluke pods

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 14:24:53 2003

>From: "John Lawson" <>
> Tolerate the Googlers - most folks DO NOT KNOW what a mailing list is or
>how it works, so yes, they think they're replying to an e-mail - how else
>would they know??? You guys who are so down on every one of these type
>posts are getting just a bit old-net-school elitist and curmudgeonly...
>just DELETE the damn things and get on with your life... it's not like
>there a hundred posts a day - "I saw your message about VCF 1 and I'd like
>to know where it is and..."

Hi John
 You seem to miss the point. These post do not seem to
be coming from people that are actually looking for help
or anything related to classic computers. I have responded
to about ten of these before giving up. I all ten cases,
I did not receive one reply, even though I offered to
provide the help or information they requested.
 This leads me to believe that these are not just honest
post from fellow computer people but some form of
address mining operation. I could be wrong but I still
waiting to see.
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