New member introduction, questions on HP 21XX series machines, reliability and maintainability

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 08:55:05 2003

Joe wrote....
> We're working on that. I've found a stash of old **UNPROGRAMMED** PROMs
> and I have a programmer that can program them but I need the correct
> plug-in unit for it. Once I find one I think we'll be home free.

Sorry, I don't have any Prolog stuff... I have a Data I/O 29B with Unipak.

So, were the unprogrammed proms you found for microcode or boot roms? If
microcode, for 2100 or 21MX systems (I seem to recall they are different)?

Either way, care to let go of a few if you have a pile of them?


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