New member introduction, questions on HP 21XX series machines, reliability and maintainability

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 17:00:05 2003

Microcode ROM's for the 2100 are 21MX boot roms.

21MX boot roms come in two flavors, the more common being the 24-pin,
1024 by 8 bit bipolar

Unprogrammed boot roms for the 21MX's are commercially available, but
the programming yield
is not great and they are expensive.

Jay West wrote:

>Joe wrote....
>> We're working on that. I've found a stash of old **UNPROGRAMMED** PROMs
>>and I have a programmer that can program them but I need the correct
>>plug-in unit for it. Once I find one I think we'll be home free.
>Sorry, I don't have any Prolog stuff... I have a Data I/O 29B with Unipak.
>So, were the unprogrammed proms you found for microcode or boot roms? If
>microcode, for 2100 or 21MX systems (I seem to recall they are different)?
>Either way, care to let go of a few if you have a pile of them?
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