AVL Road Runner computer????

From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atarimuseum.com>
Date: Thu Oct 30 19:12:42 2003

Any photos?


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Subject: AVL Road Runner computer????

> I stopped at a scrap place today and spotted an AVL Road Runner computer
> there. It looks similar to a Commie 64 but is slightely smaller and marked
> Road Runner on the top hump. There was also an external monitor with about
> a 5" screen marked AVL with it. Also has two external floppy disk drives,
> both marked AVL. Each drive is full height 5 1/4". Also has an AVL marked
> "expander" box that's made of metal and about 14" x 12" x 2". The expander
> box had sockets for the floppy drives, two video sockets and a couple of
> others that I don't remember. IIRC one video socket with a RCA type and
> other was a PL-259. There was also a separate AVL keyboard there. It had a
> metal back and ends and was similar to the ones used for Kaypros and other
> early portable computers. It seaparate from the rest of the sysstem so it
> MAY NOT be part of it but what's the chances of finding parts for two
> different AVL ssystems in the same location? Everything painted a dark
> color. Does anyone here know what this is?
> Joe
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