Rockwell R6765 datasheet?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 19:43:58 2003

check out:
        interrupts/hard0001.htm#NEC ?PD765

>> Hi,
>> I've just bought a pair of Rockwell R6765 ICs (allegedly clones of the NEC
>> 765 Floppy Disc Controller). Does anyone have a datasheet for these ICs?
>Yes, I have a datasheet, and yes they're pretty close to the 765 (I can't
>see any obvious differences...). Is there anything specific you need to know
>> I do have a copy of the NEC 765 datasheet, but in true Murphy's Law
>> fashion, most of it is unreadable.
>You mean this is _not_ on the web somewhere? It's a very common IC....
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