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Date: Fri Oct 31 01:27:16 2003

I unsubscribed from this list because of the volume,
but I still read the monthly archives. I noticed than
some people were wondering about the HP CRT mold
problem. I really did solve it, by building a wooden
box (to contain the IMPLODING crt), and mounting the
CRT in it. Then, I went to the hobby store and got
some nichrome wire used in cutting foam for model
airplanes. I used an old AT power supply at 12 volts
to power the wire, to just below red hot (I determined
the length of nichrome wire to do this with
expermentally, it was about 3.5 feet). I made wooden
handles with screws to hold the wire as I sliced
through (very slowly!!!) the old RTV, keeping the
nichrome wire towards the front glass and not touching
the CRT. after the front glass came off, acetone was
used to remove the remaining old RTV, and all glass
surface were cleaned spotless before reassembly with
aquarium RTV around the edges. Of course, this was all
VERY VERY hazardous and no SANE person should EVER
even CONSIDER doing this (liability issues...).

I completely restored my 2644A including getting both
tape drives working, good matching paint, and I even
buffed the yellowing keys back to original condition
(very tedious work). But it is an amazing, cost is not
object machine. The switching power supply is crystal

My tube didn't have very serious phosphor burns so I
felt that it was worth this effort.

If anyone wants the CRT box they can have it for the
cost of shipping. Hope I won't have to use it again!

You actually can buy NEW crt's like this one - for
$250!!! I also put new CRT's in my ADM-3a's (much
cheaper, around $45 shipped, as I recall).
Some details on the HP and ADM-3a CRT replacements are


I've been working on 6120's, tiny paper tape readers
powered by laptop power supplies, and a Scelbi clone
capable of running SCELBAL (which I have resurrected).

-Steve Loboyko

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