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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Fri Oct 31 07:23:19 2003

> > For one point, trafic is ever increasing and 12 years is quite a
> > time. And then, what's hectic in going just 130 km/h (*1)? 170 km/h
> > is a nice travel speed for a family car ... if you can still travel
> > at that speed. Theoretical yes , theoretical even 200 km/h (125 mph)
> In court, a judge ended
> up fining me (trust me, you dont want to know how much..)

I'm a though guy, go aheadand tell me.

> and
> warning me: "this is not an Autobahn, son. I am aware of your
> extra training in Europe for speeds like these, but never forget
> our roads, and, more importantly, our drivers, cannot usually
> handle them. Drive slower."

Reminds me of a local sherif somewhere in Nevada after going
some 80 mph on a two lane highway: 'This is not the Autobahn!' :)

> So.. on roads like I5 (similar to many Autobahns) they will
> tolerate some degree of speeding (chp told me they usually dont
> act on 80-90 if all is OK) but 100+ is a booboo there.

I got to keep that in mind...

> > is doable as sustained speed for almost every mid size car, it it
> > wouldn't be for all these slow downs. It is no fun to accelerate
> > psitive and negative (aka break) all the time. I had to travel
> > between Munich and Konstanz (~200 km) for the last years about
> > once per month, due company policies I had to take rental cars,
> > and I had a wide variety between a Smart (mayimum speed 135 km/h
> > ~85mph) average VW Golf or GM Astra (max. 210 km&h~130 mph) up
> > to Crysler 300 or Mercedes E-class (top speed cut at 250 km/h
> > ~160 mph), guess what, even when I was partly going way above
> > 200 km/h (~125 mph), the difference where less than 7 minutes for
> > a two hour drive.

> That largely depends *when* you drive, Hans. I quite often go to
> the Frankfurt area, and have no problems "blasting through". I
> travel at night, though- that helps a lot. 220-240 is no problem
> then, if weather and sight (and state of mind) permit.

> > The fact that one is allowed to go as fast as possible and may
> > even go that for a few minutes doesn't help at all. Now go ahead
> > and tell me again that our Autobahn is not crowded over the limit.

> Its not, at off-peak hours. Between 6-10 and 15-19, yes, its the
> same as here (NL) or US. Ever tried Ca. Hwy. 101 at 4pm? *grin*

Peak hours are over here by now something like 5:30 until 23:00, so
3 am is probably a goot time to be able to drive above 200 for more
than a few minutes. Otherwise ot's just not worth to think about.

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