VCF 6.0 in 3D

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 14:15:26 2003

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Hans Franke wrote:
> Also, maybe you should think about doing an exhibition of your 3D
> photos at VCFe ... so the people get a chance to 'tour' the Museum.
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> VCF Europa 5.0 am 01./02. Mai 2004 in Muenchen

Hmm. Actually, I hadn't been thinking in terms of VCFe. Hmm. Munich, you
say? Hmm. My wife hasn't been to Europe and she'd really enjoy the
Deutsches Museum. Hmm. Could take a side trip to Stuttgart for the
Daimler Benz museum; haven't been there since the mid '70s. Hmm. And
I've never been to the Volkswagen Museum, despite being a Beetle
fanatic. Hmm. Hmm.

Well, it won't happen *this* year, but it's now on my List of Things to
Roger Ivie
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